Clever all around! The culottes turned out perfect for you (of course they should!), and it makes me happy to see lighter shades. I feel like so many of the culottes I see are black and, well, you know how I feel about that And the trick with the tee is a great way to add a little extra detail to change the look of a tee up. I have two skirts that I love, but have had to purge the cropped tops I used to wear with them; I bet I could use this little trick to use one of my longer tops with them, I'll have to give that a try. Lastly, I just have to say how gorgeous that juicy shade of coral is on you. Yum!

That colour is great on you. And you are so clever to make those pants. Thanks for sharing the elastic trick. It could save a tee or two of mine.

Love the culottes and the artfully draped top. You are simply glowing in this coral color - it is one of your your best for sure!

Yum! You and coral were made for each other, and that drapey gray is the perfect foil for it. (Very appropriate graphic, too!) Your trick with the hair elastic is something my daughter used to do in high school (though she would leave the knot showing--not so pretty.) The way you've tucked it could be the answer for those of us--or am I the only one?--who can't seem to master the "semi-tuck." I always think I look "semi-dressed." You look fab.

Thanks Diane G, I've put a sewing machine on my holiday wish list!

Thanks so much Aida, Brooklyn, Sveta and Tulle.

Yay, go for it BlondAmbition! Even if you just end up learning to do minor alterations like shortening pants, it will be a boon to you.

Missed this thread earlier on, but just chiming in to say what a great look. I think we have all learnt something here, and you look fantastic!

This is fantastic. Coordinated but not too matchy. Great fit. Great visual weight between top and bottom, those are the right shoes considering the volume of culottes.

I think we're going to have to hide you. You look too good!

I screamed with delight!!! I love love love your drape fix!

And you look absolutely gorgeous as always!! Thanks for sharing the outfit

Diane, those sandals... I absolutely LOVE!!! <3
I have something so similar in black from New Look and I adore them

So this is watermelon on a redhead! truly a swish--love that color on you. Also like the light colored shoes with that outfit -- enough color up above to carry this, no reason to add more contrast below. so cute!