Thank you all so much for your comments.

Lisa, these boots had more of the combat look than any of my others, including black but I may use a black pair of ankle boots in the future with a long black tube skirt. The coat has a short zipper just for the top part, not a zip in lining.

Jane, yes so much snow. It has brought lower temperatures too. Maggie (the dog) loves to go out and eat it and roll in it. That makes for slow dog walking.

I ended up wearing the first scarf for warmth but all three looked ok. The outfit felt good and was warm enough for the weather. Angie, thank you for the idea. I will try one of the skirt outfits tomorrow for my class and trying a new restaurant in town that specializes in savory pies.

Joy, I freaking love this SO MUCH! <3333

Oh my goodness!!! You look so chic! I think this look should be a regular for you!

I love the red plaid scarf! There is something so 90s and yet so current and fresh about pairing tartan plaid with combat boots. It would look smashing on an already smashing you!

Thank you so much, Cindy and Keturah. I do think this could be a regular for me and nice change. I wore a skirt combat look today although it was not as bad a$$ as the blog ideas. I used the same boots.

Missed this one before but it is fantastic to me! Now I want those boots. But I will have to admire them from afar as I have cold weather boots and not too much cold weather here.