Bonnie, you look beautiful in the pink sweater, it is fabulous. The way you layered it over the long checked tunic is so interesting. Great outfit!

Light-hearted and whimsical touches (those boots! those Ts!) and very flattering looks. Upbeat and so pretty!

I love your dino tee! You look so good in these casual outfits. What kind of lemon did you plant?

Angie: Thank you. I didn't think I'd wear white boots very often but you were right, they go with everything.
alicewonderland: Thank you. The dinosaur tee was a surprise from DH and it's turned out to be a lot of fun to wear.
Katerina: I bought the pink sweater on a whim and tried it with a lot of different tops before I looked at Pinterest and found some inspiration.
ChristelJ: Thank you. Whimsical and flattering are high praise for me!!
JAileen: Thank you. We planted a Meyer Lemon. After we brought it home we looked closely at a tree that was already in our yard. We thought it was an orange tree and on reconsideration, it may also be a lemon tree. We'll have lots of lemons to share with the neighbors.

Can I put a request for lemon merangue pie

What a great week of outfit! The burgundy color looks great on you. Cute outfits all around.

WOOHOOO, bonnie. Welcome to Team White Boots! And ending off the challenge with another KILLER look.

suntiger: Of course you can have a lemon pie but the tree will have to grow a bit first.
Alicewonderland: Thank you and I loved seeing your outfits.
Angie: Thank you so much for you support.The Challenge gave me a chance to play in my closet without wearing black. I found out that I could do it and I like the lighter outfits a lot. Now I'm thinking about bright pants.

All great Bonnie! I love the final outfit, beautiful coat and scarf.

Excellent styling

YAY, bonnie. Stepping away from our comfort zone and FFBO's can bring a myriad of possibilities.