This is an amazing and very creative look. The pants are stunning, and so is the whole outfit.

I love those pants on you and all the outfits you put together as well.

Thanks, Rachylou!

lozz_oz, yes, I think you all are convincing me to keep this pair.

Staysfit, thank you! These are not hard to make, if you are comfortable sewing knits. The only tricky part is inserting the pocket into a square corner--probably not an unusual technique for a quilter. I would start with something even simpler, though, for your first knit project. Maybe a tube skirt. Christine Jonson patterns are a good place to start with knits; I was thinking her Base Wear 2 pattern for simple skirts, but I see she also has a ruched tube skirt pattern now, too.

Thank you, Tanya and Joyce!

Ok, to be honest the shape is too eccentric for me - not a fan of harem trousers in general.
I like the colour with the heathered EF (#1) and with pink (#7)

Thanks, Skylurker! I understand about the shape, and I appreciate your feedback on the colors.

Whoa, late to the party but omg I love these pants on you! I really love that shade of blue so I'm biased, I suppose. They look great in the initial iterations and again with the EF scarf/shirt sweater and the red sweater as well. So gorgeous!!! I'm fainting with your fabness!

Wow. Those pants look incredible on you. I wish I could wear something like that. Hmmm....Will have to see.

Amazing pants! Can you dye them a darker colour or is it a fabric that won't hold the dye?

I'm honored that you took up my suggestions; really, because you are so much better at this than I am. I think all those colors work, but am not so crazy about a solid top with the pants. The weird thing is, the change I like best isn't a top, but adding that pendent in. Let us know if you do in fact keep them!

May I ask you a sewing question? I have pants from the early 90s that fit me well, but the style is off. They have "eased" thighs--not quite baggy, but in that direction. They are very cool fabric, so I'd like to keep them, but with much straighter legs. Is that something I'd be able to do myself, as a way to ease into sewing, or should I find someone to do it for me? I have a couple other pairs that are the same cut (when I lie these pants flat on top of each other, they line up ridiculously well), so I could do a practice run or have an alterations person do a "low value" pair first.

Thanks, Kelly!
Citygirldc, thank you! I think there are versions of these pants that would fit your style. I could envision you in either of the two outfits on the left in Angie's ensemble post.
Neelie, I'm not sure; I've never done it. Karen13 suggest dyeing, too.
Thanks, Fashiontern. My first response to your sewing question is, Why do you want to alter pants from the 1990s? (rhetorical question) And I will admit I have a bias here: in most cases, I would rather make a new garment from scratch than alter one! But yes, you could take fullness out of the thighs of your pants. Typically the extra fullness is in the back but not the front, and if that's the case, you won't want to just take up the seams, taking equal amounts from front and back. You would want to rip out the seams and just take the extra amount out of the back of the pants. If you're dealing with a lot--say, more than an inch on each thigh--you should take out the inseam (from a couple of inches below the crotch seam) as well as the sideseam, and make your adjustments that way. I've taken a little bit of fullness from the back of pants just at the sideseam, and that can work for a minor adjustment.

Just fantastic! They are amazing. You are so talented.

Awesome--I'll give it a try. The two pairs I want to do it on have fabric I like, which is why I've kept them around. Every couple years I pull them out, try them on, look in the mirror & shake my head, but still can't bring myself to give them away.

ETA pix of the fabrics. You can see that one has black flocking. I want to wear those with velvet tops this winter. It can be hard to find christmassy looks that aren't way too warm for here, so I'll be glad to have this combo with a sparkly necklace. The other is sort of super-micro corduroy, is super soft to touch, but doesn't get matted like velvet can, and doesn't show any wear. It's cotton with 2% spandex, from early 2003. I used to wear those pants only with brown or maybe cream, but want to try them with other colors.
On the other pants from that era, you're completely right--no need to hang onto them, other than for "experimental surgery".

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As soon as I started drooling over your top, I knew it would be "made by you". You are so clever! The whole outfit is wonderful. A great interpretation of the ensemble.

I loved the new styling options you tried, and frankly I liked all of them on you, although my favorite is the same you prefer (both options with the black top).

Thanks for the suggestion Firecracker! I'm going to look into this! You may see me in a new tube skirt some time in November.....

Oh those are a dreamfor sure. Im gonna need 3 pr in a size 18 lol your skills are beyond.