Hi all! I haven't felt too chatty lately, but I wanted to check in. It's been exhausting having one apartment on the market as we wait to move to the new one (I'll include some personal updates at the end).

I don't have a full-length mirror since I had my apartment painted, and won't get one until after I move. I took a few pics i the lobby My apartment runs warm but is unpredictable, and I have bought some flannels as they are good for layering and are warm but not stifling. (I had run out of flannel shirts that fit me--bad 90's girl!). I also got some Frye boots for my birthday.

Here are some outfits--aside from the one dress, it's mostly tops and jeans (or other comfy bottoms) right now due to the weather. I don't really want to wear hosiery to work from home. I don't find it comfortable at all.

1 Boden dress. I have since hemmed this dress 2 inches.
2-3 includes the new boots
4 Sweatshirt, jeans and house shoes
5 Flannel and new boots, with my short puffer
6 Very similar outfit! as umber 5!
7 I Felt a bit dressier. The pants are new and should be cropped but aren't on me at all. I may have them hemmed but will likely wait at this point till next Fall.
8 Bonus gear shot. I get a discount to Patagonia and they gave me an extra perent off for the the holidays, and I was looking for a fleece pullover. I refer to this fleece as my "Cookie Monster" fleece. Me want cookie!

Our apartment has a buyer--I think we have come to terms. We haven't signed anything yet, but it looks good. We should be able to close soon after we move, which is looking like late December or early January.

Covid is increasing here in NYC as elsewhere. We are being cautious-some dining (outdoor only), walks, normal grocery shopping. We will spend the winter organizing and decorating our new home, anyway, and hopefully won't mind the isolation too much. I may have to visit my mother for Christmas somehow, since my family had decided to have more people for the holidays than usual (I'm so angry--family dynamics changed in the last year though.) I'd rather she spend it with just the two of us, if we can quarantine first, than either 15 other people OR all alone. The timing of our move may upend this plan, though.

Please stay safe everyone!

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