Yes you did a great interpretation while still looking like the iconic Firecracker that we know. Love that vest.

Ooh, I love this on you - yeah, ok, I love shirts in general. Unfortunate you're not into shirts, because they love you.
The popped collar looks very chic with earrings and hair up.

Isn't it fun when you see yourself 'out there'? I can understand why Linda's style and look would inspire you, but I love even more how you made it your own. This is a great look and I'm glad you posted.

Oh yes -nailed it!!

(YES. You had me with the white jeans.....)

You look so... cool! There's no other way to describe it. Great work!

I love Linda Rodin but you look so much more like her than I do!

Thanks, everyone!
Skylurker, who knows--maybe my style will involve to include more shirts.