CHANGE is my word for the year. Wearing chocolate brown with a happy heart is a BIG change.

I haven't worn brown clothing since the '80s, when my school uniform was brown. Took me 35 years to recover.....

Waving to Brooklyn, Suntiger, April, LJP, Style Fan and Star as forum members who have loved chocolate brown forever!

When I saw the brown chevron Theory suit at the NAS, I felt a strong affection! Browns are great with my new darker and more versatile hair. And that short blazer with the big wide trousers at puddle length is soooo '80s with a touch of '40s. Complete with sharp shoulders. How can this suit not be mine

The suit is impeccable, and drapes like a dream!

This is how I will wear my new brown Theory suit in September when it's cool enough to do so.

Brown my way. In a bolder way. I'm a loud person, so I can't wear brown quietly! Honest outfits. And just the beginning of a hundred ways I can style this suit.

  • With AllSaints brown mesh top. The pattern is a work of art! The bright bits in the pattern make it for me.
  • With '60s inspired mesh top. Makes me smile
  • Cream loafers and boots. Sometimes a cream grommet '80s belt to match. Looped the '80s way.
  • Taupe, orange, cream bags create CONTRAST.
  • Eyewear variations. All prescription lenses.

Sam and Jo feature heavily in my posts because they're always close-by. I can't be precious about my clothes! They have to work with very doggie daily life, or I'm not interested. This time, our outfits match

Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend. xo