Wow, what a find in the orchid sweater. It was meant to be. You look polished and modern in all of these, Suz, I find you inspirational!

Oh, Suz, 1, 2, and 4 are KILLING ME. Just so superb. Not too boyish -- super fun and flirty, in a boyish way. Tomboy chic. Absolute perfection. Exquisite. Not. Enough. Words.

Also late to the party (or early as it is still tomorrow for Canadians/Americans)!

I concur with everyone, they are not masculine looks although they have a gamine/boyish air. I would not change anything. When my hair was shorter I used to make sure I wore lipstick and was more vigilant with earrings than I am now I have a bob.

You look wonderful in the skirt too, it is a ladylike look, so fun to mix that one into the bunch of more boyish looks.

Boyish outfits can be fun! But no matter what, girlfriend, you are too beautiful to look like a boy! My hands down favorite here is #9-10, as I simply ADORE that skirt. After that, my favorite outfit is probably the most boyish one, the outfit with the baseball style tee.

If I have done nothing with those oxfords but inspire you to buy yours, it was a job well done. What Angie said! Keep on doing what you are doing!

I love your tomboy looks Suz! Those oxfords really freshen up the outfits. Yes, they add a dose of masculine to your style, but not too much. I would say that the looks with the heeled booties look more characteristically you, but the dapper looks with the spectator oxfords are a really fun twist on your usual style. Your skirt outfit with the jacket is just stunning!

So, I'm skipping to the end immediately so I can say "what the what?" You could wear full fatigues, combat boots and shaved head and not look masculine...and I hope that doesn't ruin any aspirations you may have you are the poster child for what most of us aspire to with our androgyny don't change a thing!

Oh, am delighted by all of these, esp the orchid sweater(BTW great find) and the paids. I never thought at it, but it's time to look with new eyes at men's clothes from now on:-). Off to look at your picties in close ups, and learn:-).

Well, you know by all the comments that we love your new stylings! It's the oxfords that are making me do a happy dance! The contrast and details in the shoes are terrific, without being fussy. Love 'em!

I haven't read through all of the comments but I LOVE the boyish vibe of these. It really suits you. SO fab and fun! You are gorgeous!

I started to look through the photos and said..' oh, that's my favourite.. no that's my favourite, wait, no, this one is'.... aarggghhh! Love them all Not too much tomboy at all, you could never manage that. YLF Suz!

I really like this androgynous, preppie vibe in your style! It fits you so well too. Good for you to have ordered the men's sweater. It looks gorgeous on you. My favorites are 4 - 2 - 8 , in that order. So cute and refined all at once. I feel you are getting closer to your true style.

Somehow I missed this post, Suz, my apologies! I don't know where to begin, but in short, you look terrific and so pretty in every outfit. The men's sweater is draping so well on you, and I adore your patterned pants. The oxfords are fantastic, too. I think I need to start looking for two-colored or patterned shoes now. This is so inspiring - I want to copy every outfit. And the skirt with sweater and okalas? I'm dying. A theft or not, its positively gorgeous.

I don't know how I missed this Suz! All the outfits are beyond amazing, I really can not pick a favorite. You look so effortlessly stylish and every outfit looks very you. I am very jealous of that orchid sweater.