Oh Janet I remember! So great to wear it again. Maybe one day you and I could come to someone’s rescue like UmmLila’s Pilates teacher was able to.

Holy crappath !!

Sounds like a great time! You look gorgeous!

Beautiful colour on you, UmmLia! You look absolutely gorgeous!

I am relishing the venue description with the weather and a waltz! How dramatic! You and your date must have been the couple to watch, for sure! (I love that the men also wore tuxes. I am craving visual formality these days and I enjoy seeing men dressed in office attire as it is so occasional for me these days.)

Wonderful dress and wonderful color. You look fab! It seems to have been an exciting night, with storm and lightnings and thunders. Very romantic.

A perfect solution! You look radiant, and by your account, the event sounds fun and memorable!

That sounds like a memorable night! Great solution for the dress- and love the lavendar on you!

You rock the strapless silhouette and that tint of lavender! KILLER fab.

OF COURSE, you had the prettiest dress of the night. I expected nothing less

What I great color on you, and strapless is always the best of! I laught at what you said about not being good at "following"...haha, so-it seems you're a strong and confident lady-and of course you looked killer!

What a great picture. I’m guessing it’s at the venue? You look fab, and I’m glad you dressed up.

I attended a wedding in the UK, and had hoped to wear a fascinator, but when the bride sent an e-mail indicating hats were ‘not necessary’ (rather than use the word ‘optional’) I got cold feet. While abroad, I did find a hat at a charity shop that would have made the outfit, but I didn’t get it for fear of looking like the foreigner who was playing dress up.

Well, there were about a dozen hats/fascinators and I felt rather plain with my simple padded Alice band.

Seize the day! You only live once!

That colour suits you wonderfully! I also like how you've coordinated it with your accessories - not completely silver or gold.

You should have bought the fascinator anyway, so you could wear it another time!
Though I suppose this is a matter of knowing your audience - I've never worn one to a wedding (though my last UK wedding was outdoors in a field, so that may be why)

Very late here, but had comment how stunning you look in that dress!

Also amused by your description of the dancing and lead/follow roles, especially as someone who did competitive ballroom dancing for over 10 years. I also do not follow well in life. In dancing, I have gotten myself to a point where I do, but spend plenty of time explaining to my partner how to lead properly to that I want to follow :-D.