I'm fixing to become your sweater twin... That is exactly what I've been searching for!

Suz, are the booties from this year NAS? They are gorgeous.
You look great in this cardi and scarf combo. Like you, I am totally over skinnies trend but even when skinnies were in, I wore them on a little bit looser side.

This looks wonderful Suz. I loved the first version, but I think I have a slight preference for this one. And good for you on the rolled skinnies with booties!

Any chance you can share how you tied your scarf? I like it.

Thanks, all! Thimbelina, you'll be my sweater triplet! Parsley has this one, too. It is a very warm sweater -- a double knit. I love it.

Mona, the booties are actually from 3 years ago (and still going strong both in terms of condition and style, after trips to London, New York, and many, many trips to Toronto). I bought them in Toronto on sale, not at NAS. In fact, they were my first seriously pricey shoes. Of course they cost less on sale but they still represented a big leap for me. I am not at all sorry. They have been complete winners in every way for my style.

If I could find taupe booties like this I would buy them in a flash.

Elizabeth, the scarf is tied 2 different ways. In the white jean photo I have turned it into a oblong and then folded that into triangles and sort of thrown in over me like a bib, with the ends tucked under in front. Sort of like this: V (but on an angle).

In the black pants photo it's just wrapped around my neck once and loosely tied, I think -- I don't actually have any scarf tying knowledge. I "arrange" them more than I tie them, LOL.

It was the way the two corners show themselves in the white one that caught my eye. Looks very artfully "arranged"

Susan as usual you have showed a versatility and nailed both looks. Jumping on the sweater band wagon. I am hopeless with scarves and have fully given up except as outwear. I have those pants too and even sized up they feel tight. I wish I could blame my mind being used to looser fits, but like Una says I'm up in weight because of looser fits That and some very indulgent eating. You look great!

The jeans look great and I enjoy seeing the JCrew Sweater on you – such fabulous color. My personal preference is, if I'm wearing a sweater and a scarf, I will want my ankles covered. If I want to show some ankle, I will wear a crew or v-neck sweater with the sleeves pushed up so there's skin showing top and bottom... I guess this version would be for cool, not cold weather.

Late to this... how did I miss it?? I love your version of ankle pants! Way to go Suz. Two great outfits. A twofor in fact

I have my straight legs (that fit like skinnies on me except at the very bottom) on today with tall shaft boots and I rolled to show the boot off-- they meet when I'm standing, but when I sit there is a tiny slice of my brown and red wool striped socks being shown off -- matches my red booties, and the rest of the outfit is denim or black---- stranger things have happened.

Love the deep red/burgundy and chambray. The scarf is a perfect addition. I prefer the black but only by a hair. However, when it comes to rolling the jeans just above the booties I prefer the white version. I think that has everything to do with my preference for a long leg line in general.

With the exception of the scarf I can copy this. It's definitely copy worthy -- love!

So I go to buy this cardigan on-line. It's on sale - yay! Added it to my basket, then this: final sale, no returns or exchanges. What kind of customer service is that? Is this typical of JCrew?