Very cool pants and styling!

This style is absolutely my cup of tea, so I’m biased, but I think they look fabulous on you! Yay for dramatic pants.

Re wearing to work, as a millennial in a more business-casual environment, yes I’ve worn similar pants to work.

Those pants look fantastic on you, the whole outfit does.
I just copied you and ordered the pants

I adore your style. Every outfit you post is interesting, fun and chic.

These are truly fantastic on you! And the seem to be elongating, somehow?!

These look fantastic on you, Donna! And the top is perfect with this look too, WOW!

@Sal; Helena; Adward5190; RobinF; Sisi; Val; Joyce B; Kyle; Firecracker: Thanks for all the love!!!

The cold-shouldered T-shirt is from 2016/17 or so; lost my data from my old laptop. I saw it worn in the short-lived series, Rosewood and was worn by Dr. Rosewood's sister, Pippy.

The balloon pants look fabulous on you. I like how you have styled them. I have a pair of balloon jeans that are very comfortable.

I think they are really cool and seem to fit your edgy style. Thanks for showing us.

I love these pants on you. The structure and fit are perfect.


Please carry on ballooning

Welcome back, Angie!

@StyleFan: Lucky for you that you can find that style in a length that works for you. I fear that cut would make me look even more bow-legged that I already am.

@UmmLila: Structure and fit can be everything!

@catherine: Thank you for your kind words.

These pants will be coming out for a six hour workshop tomorrow and then again for a 6+ hour road trip next month. All cotton and loose-ish even at the waist means they should be comfy for both.

YLF and really love this one particular cold shouldered top to them!

Was late to adopt the trend but agree to love these barrel/balloon shape pants on me as well-exactly for what you explain above-ooops, you cannot see my legs in them-so you can fake better than you have-haha!:-) I warmed up to these only for summer casuals with bare ankles and as bare feets as it can be done (in strappy slides, or so) but as much as would love I now have difficulties on implementing for fall and winter- would they look as great with heavy shoes and... what coats?

&lyn67: These pants are summer weight, but since my feet get cold you inspired me to do a mini lab. I found out that my close fitting sporty booties don’t fit under the pants’ narrow ankles but are too tall to just push them up.

All pics are with my sparkly knee high socks because I was too lazy to remove them plus my ankles get cold. #1 should be my Dr. Scholls Dance Clogs which I wore today because they go with my swirly tee shirt. I found that footwear pairings present similar challenges as my harem pants; lighter weight and pointy toes work the best to my eyes. I just tried them with my black patent Dansko Pros which looked way too heavy. My silver Crocs looked a bit better, but my Crocs are basically house shoes.

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Good to show them with the possible shoes! They're sort of the shape of my harem pants, which I just wear for sleep. Sandals seemed the only shoes that would ever work if I would wear them outside.

DonnaF, you've styled these pants perfectly with your assortment of footwear!

#6 is SOOOOOO fably '80s.

Special love for #3 to #6

Thanks for the welcome back!