Happy anniversary! And you look amazing in that outfit--cobalt is YOUR colour.

Agreed humidity makes everything worse Suz, you can laugh at me when I complain about our "cold" weather.

How lucky to find such a perfectly fitting, perfectly colored top. I mean, it hits all of your desired notes doesn't it? Length, sleeve, neckline, color scheme. Looks great with the skirt and sandals. Hope it cools down soon.

I love your outfit Suz.

Happy anniversary to you and Mr Suz!

Love this outfit on you! I like the black peeptoes with it. Happy Anniversary to you and mr. suz! We have the same weather here, a couple degrees hotter but maybe not quite as humid. The breeze really does help. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

Absolutely gorgeous! Give us a close up of that necklace at some point. It sounds amazing. Happy anniversary!

You looked great for your anniversary date with Mr Suz!! And even better that you wore comfy shoes and skirt...just FAB

Love the Aritzia top on you Suz! The whole outfit looks fab. Happy Anniversary to the two of you.

BTW, our weather is a total washout here in UK, May has been cold and windy throughout, and today I have a sweater and cardigan on and the heating is on too!

Killer to the power of Killer. I'm thrilled you kept that top. Cobalt is your colour.

You look absolutely GORGEOUS, Suz. Fashionable, fresh, hip, pretty. happy and radiantly healthy. Wishing you and Mr. Suz many more happy years together, and much love to you.

happy anniversary! YLF!

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. I am glad I kept the Aritzia top, too; it is my first purchase from them and I might make some more in future!

The gods are laughing. Today it is 10 degrees and windy and cloudy here! Seriously. I do not have enough layers to keep warm.


Happy anniversary! You look absolutely beautiful.

Love you in blue Suz!

Looking fab as always! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband.

Really beautiful outfit on you Suz and a very Happy Anniversary to you both!

You look so beautiful in this elegant outfit. Splendid. I love the kobalt blue, suits you so well. I went back to check the necklace. Although it is not that clear to see, it appears to be very good. Contemporary and chic. I hope you will post a close-up too.

Beautiful blues, Suz. I love the whole outfit.
Happy anniversary to you both.

What a marvelous outfit, Suz! I love the arty energy of the printed top. I cannot, for all that is good, wear that kind of a sleeve --- particularly with a high neck. I look positively burly. On you, however, the sleeves and neckline make a perfect frame.

So sorry the weather is wonky. Montreal has to be a great city to walk when the weather is nice.

Lucky Mr. Suz! The black city sandals work best, and I think better than white, for this outfit. Very modern looking combination.

Congratulations! You look stunning!
How about pale neutral sandals to bookend your hair? Possibly too light?

Suz, you look fantastic! I love you in that blue.

As to the bra band, there are converters to make your regular bra into one that works with low-back styles; maybe that would do the trick. I don't know how well they work, since I've never used one, but it may be worth a try. I think they're called backless bra converters.

The bright is blue is indeed festive!

Congrats Suz!
I loved this top in your recent post and love it even more on you.
The sleeve length and shape is perfect too