Suntiger, thanks a lot. Funny you should mention the dress. It’s from QVC.

KILLER dress in #2! And loving your tucked look in #7!

The cakes are beautiful works of art. Lucky kids

Good to see you back, Catherine! I am always inspired by your wiw's- and interior design, too(:-))+ always amazed how very well and naturally You wear your tunic length tops with various pants-these are no exception! And, am an former avid thematic cake baker, too(haven't done one in an year, now) so love your cakes here! Thanx for-and pls. keep on- posting!:-)

Catherine, may I just add that you look very happy and very relaxed in all of your wonderful outfits? Retirement looks great on you!

Loving the creative, fun cakes! I fondly remember making a cake each year for my kids when they were young--your grandkids must have been delighted. Agreeing with others that retirement seems to really agree with you--you look relaxed, stylish, and happy. I love your striped top and your print dress (I am a lover of prints) but everything looks harmonious.