Love #2, Sveta. I thought hard about those trousers after Angie's outfit. You've confirmed my feeling that they are amazing on long legs, which I do not possess.

Also really like #3. Love your scarves!

Nice to see you again, missed your posts!

Thank you so much for your kind comments. ladies!
OK, the combined YLF wisdom confirmed that I can wear this blouse in public so I will! Carla, I may just try it with the white culottes.
For those who like it better without the vest: this is how I wore it for the most of the day because it was very warm. The vest went over just in the morning and at some point during the day when I was feeling cold.
Yes, I will try different boots with the culottes next time - I am not ready to give up on them yet. Stay tuned!
Jules, I ordered the rust pants online - only black were available in our store. I tried black on for sizing and ordered rust online. The only problem is that online it is more expensive as the price is the same but in US$ but I got a discount so it was not too bad. I see they are back in stock for some sizes, hopefully you can get yours.
Aliona, thanks for the hair comment. I really struggle with my hair which is fine, thin, straight and defies any styling so it is nice to hear it does not look too awful (I cringe every time I see my pictures).
Laurie, actually my legs are average length for my height. Angie also rocks these flares and she had average length legs as well so unless your legs are on the short side you should give them a try!
Ginger, your variation of the Ukrainian blouse outfit sounds really nice, I hope to see it here!

Since I'm a visual person, I went straight for the pictures. I was WOWed! Your long legs look amazing. I'm going to rush out and try flares.

The only outfit that gave me pause is the coulottes. I'm not sure why - maybe because they're white and the hemline shows? Maybe they're a tad too short? Maybe it's the boots? Maybe it's because the coulottes seem light weight and the boots are heavy? uhg. I lack the skills to disect outfits. I can critique but not create! Isn't that aweful!

MISS YOU. Hang in there. Sending healing thoughts to Dad.

Love the folksy blouse. Retro. You look killer in outfit #1. My fave of all the fabulous outfits.