These are stellar on you! I love how you can make these trends your own. Great wildcard and so fun!

I'm with Suz - they suit your artistic/artsy way of dressing and your persona, and are a fun thing to add to a wardrobe! You have styled them perfectly here , and I vote to keep them! And kudos to Mr Firecracker for having an open mind:)

I will for sure, Sharan!

P.S. Carla, I love that pic of you!

Thank you, Kelly and Lisa! It's funny how they seemed so out of the ordinary for me. Glad to hear they look in keeping with my style!

Damn, I thought of overalls as an item from my "grad student What Not to Wear" era. You have made me reconsider that for sure, FC.

Ha! April, I'm chuckling and glad to put them into a different category for you.

They look great on you! I love the raw hems.