I am glad you are feeling better Sveta!
The agonising over the tunic I can understand, and I think you made the perfect choice with the white colour.
Looking Fab as always!

Sorry to hear about difficult period that you been through. But your pictures don't show it, you look fresh and effortless.

Thank you all for your kind words, you have made my day today!:-)
Maneera, this is strange that you shy away from bold colors: I think your coloring is suited very well to high contrast and you would look great in bright colors. Maybe you need another challenge? Maybe adding brighter colors will just add enough spice to your stay at home wardrobe? Also chuckling about your comment on my "great bag collection": I am SOOO not a bag lady!
Vildy - LOL! What I mean is that these jeans are REALLY cropped on me compared to how they are on Angie
Suz, actually it was not me who made a selection of a white tunic over the black - it was fate I could not get a black one in Tall and the sleeves were noticeably shorter in the regular to the point of bugging me. Also the arm holes in regular were cut a bit higher too even if it was the same size. If I could get my hands on M Tall in black I would go with it but it was not meant to be...
Beth Ann, chuckling at your golf comment...although I am not sure I would prefer karaoke to golf
AviaMariah, the eyelet in the white tunic is not very see through. I was wearing just a nude bra today without a cami and the straps were not visible at all. I love this Gap moto jacket. It is its 3rd season now and this is still my go-to jacket. Please wear yours!
Elizabeth - LOL: I am glad it is all sorted out
Angie, I am proud to be a jeans twin with you

*happy face* I LOVE my Resolution skinnies.

I'll chime in on your questions on the roundup post in a minute too.

Fantastic outfits and impressive pics! I admire your style and the variety you show within that style.