Wow! Fabulous dress is that! Hope I can see more of your pictures!

Wonderful tribute and so true about mental illness. Great dress, really timeless, and looks fab on you.

Beautiful words, Natalie, thank you!

So good to see you, Natalie! And how thoughtful to share both your thoughts and your fabulous Kate-style.

Lovely - thank you for sharing. I associate you with her brand because you always had fun with the whimsical pieces. I have a few items - shoes, watches, jewelry mostly. Wear them well!

Thank you for this, Natalie! I was also so shocked and saddened by this news.

I have a funny Kate Spade story: My husband has his suits custom made, and one day I was looking at the suit coat he had laid out on the bed, and I said "Wow, I wish I could have my name embroidered inside my clothes like you do!" And he said "You can! Just change your name to Kate Spade!"