The graphic of light top reminds me of the 70s. Very cool!

KELLYGIRL, LYN67 and JAILEEN thank you so much for the incredibly kind compliments. You are very nice.
LYN67, the white jeans are little creamy, not bright white.

Beautiful look with the black pleated top too!

Thank you very much ANGIE. You are very sweet.

SO pretty! I love the blouse on you! You find great items at Zara. This one has such a lovely drape. And the black top with white complement is so crisp and fresh. Gorgeous!

Two beautiful summer outfits, you look so crisp and elegant in your white jeans. After seeing this a pair of white jeans are on the top of my Summer wish list.

Thank you very much SUZ and BIJOU, for the awfully kind compliments. So sweet of you .
BIJOU, go ahead, the white jeans are really good for summer.