LINDA WELSH and JONESY thank you very much for the kind words.
JONESY, I like low contrast generally, yes, it is a summery look.

Well it’s a shame you hesitated at all because theses crops look fantastic on you.l love how you have styled them.You manage to look elegant and modern at the same time.

What a lovely set of outfits Mirjana - I think you look fantastic in each and every one. I loved the first but then the others reached the same high standard.

Thank you for sharing these - I think many of us have some great styling ideas.

So pretty! They fit in seamlessly with what you have!

How did I miss this post???? Darn internet. I’m having trouble accessing YLF these days

A truly fabulous set of outfits. This is SUCH a great look for you. My favourites (hard to choose) are 2, 4, 7 and 8. No 8 is a little unusual for you I think (in silhouette). Looks fabulous! And I love the combination of pink and white.

CARDIFF GIRL, thank you, I realized that I have so many tops for cream crops and now I am happy to buy them.
SAL, I think the same and it is very nice that we share our outfits .
RACHYLOU, thank you kindly.
BROOKLYN, yes little unusual for me, but I like it, I love the cardi and wanted to wear it as much as possible and when I tried it with these pants I like the silhouette. Glad you like it.