I love the cut and the color. Subtle and professional but fun. Your stylist is very good.

Love it and your outfit. DS2 looks so proud. What a sweetie.

Worked out beautifully. The color is rich but subtle and your hair looks very healthy.

Great pics! Love the cut and color. Those pants are awesome!

Your hair looks great! And your son is adorable.

Your hair is just gorgeous! I like the subtlety of this color on you. It brightens your look in a very harmonious way. I love your outfit, too--the flowy print pants look great on you. What fun photos of your family. Wow, your son has grown up a lot since we saw him at the Seattle meetup. (He was just a tiny baby!)

I ❤️ how this turned out! Gorgeous and fun, but easy to wear professionally, too.

Fantastic, it is lovely. Well done. Love the photos of you with your foils! And gorgeous picture of you and your son. Thank you for sharing.

It's great to step "outside the box". Nice touch.
I love your pattern mixing in #16!