Today (4/29) it’s been just over 5 weeks since stay-at-home orders in my state. It feels like 5 MONTHS. The first few weeks felt like some StarTrek-like alternate universe where everything looks the same but you know something is very wrong and different. Things will not start to open up here until May 18 at the earliest.

Today I went out to pick up some prescription reading glasses at my Optician and drop some returns at UPS, so I got “dressed” for the first time in over 5 weeks. I have to thank this lovely WLF community for giving me the nudge/inspiration to put on some nicer clothes and take photos of them - without YLF I probable would not have done so  

My only outings for the last 5 weeks have been 2 outdoor fitness walks a day plus 2 no-contact grocery deliveries to my elderly Mom. DH has handled all grocery shopping  and meal take-out pickups. I’ve purposely stayed very isolated so I didn’t pass it on to my mom, but now that I’ve got the contact-less delivery thing worked out, I might do some more outdoor activities like walking on some of the wooded trails in my town. No gardening for me this spring, due to my back muscle issues.

With the exception of one Zoom meeting of a civic group to which I belong, I have been only wearing at-home outfits.  As long as we're still in cold/wet spring, my at-home uniform continues to be jeans, a wool or fleece top over a warm underlayer, at-home sneakers and wool socks. 

My hair is almost shoulder length, and very ragged since I was already growing out some layers. In its current state it takes a lot of work to make it look presentable. I also have 2” of white no-color roots showing, which I sometimes cover and sometimes not. It's not particularly flattering at the current length and shape, but I can live with Just Presentable Enough I do have an appt with my stylist that I’ve moved three times…now set for the end of May, and I have until then to decide what I want to do.  

I made a face mask last week, and after wearing it for the first time today I plan to make a second one with a different design that will fit better.  I expect we'll be wearing face masks for a long time so I plan to make a few. The first thing I noticed about wearing a mask around people is that you can’t smile at them! Well, you can, but they won’t see it, and vice versa. Not being able to see half of someone’s face really changes the feel of a conversation with another person, especially if it's someone you do not already know.

I have scaled way back on online clothes shopping, because I'm just not that interested. I have plenty of at-home clothes for winter/early spring and have only been interested in a few things for spring/summer so far. Once I swap my winter/spring clothes I’ll see how I feel about more shopping.

Comments, suggestions welcome as always!

  • White jeans. It’s odd, I don’t generally feel like wearing white jeans until it’s well into May, but I wanted to wear these today. 
  • Rust cashmere crewneck 
  • white cotton turtleneck
  • Grey suede booties
  • Grey knit moto jacket
  • Black cross body
  • (no photo of face mask)

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