Thank you, everybody, for your kind support!

chewyspaghetti, SarahF, delurked, Mirjana, RobinF -- Thank you!
kkards -- Yes! I have that thought, too.
Sterling -- Thank you! I don't know if I settled (because this shirt was something that I was actively looking for and needed in order to make outfits) but I had to try on a surprising number of linen shirts to get to this point.
LaPedestrienne -- Yea! A fan of the black!
JAileen -- Thanks! Like others, I've been craving to wear a lighter color combo. Frankie does look very stripey in this photo. I think she may have been giving herself a shake. Her face and tail look all cattywampus.
Joy -- Thank you for the encouragement about the belt and semi-tuck!
Angie -- Many thanks. One cannot ignore the request of the hostess
Diana -- Thank you! I'm pleased that the crisp/casual vibe translated. Frankie is quite prickly, actually--both her fur AND her attitude (although she is sweet to me).
Firecracker -- Thank you for the encouragement about both outfits. I would like to have worn a wider belt--I have one, but the buckle has been scarred by bellying up to our rough kitchen counter tile and I haven't been able to find another that I like as much.
Shevia--Thank you! I have never been at peace with photos and take few. Maybe I just need to get over myself and take more photos.
Lyn67--Thank you for the kind encouragement.
Bijou -- No more jeans photos!
Chris986 -- Thanks! I felt like I could have gone on and on switching it up with different casual footwear and belts. Maybe that means I have TOO MUCH casual footwear. Both the shirt and the jeans will probably be workhorses in my casual wardrobe.
texstyle -- Thank you! (I love your screen name--so clever!)

Emily, you look very trim to me. You are being much to hard on yourself.
Both outfits are great, but my favourite is 1 - Lovely!
Your dog is very cute.

You look awesome and I really like the 501s with the light shoes. I wish everlane shoes fit me!

Emily, I think you look fantastic, esp in #1. The lighter shoes and belt look so fresh and springlike. You are NOT photographing as heavy, at all. Do you really have 15-20 still to lose? It's hard to believe! Anyway, congratulations on your weight loss so far!

Awesome look. Sharp, stylish, unfussy.

I adore this and you look absolutely great. Congrats on your weight loss journey! Frankie is an adorable photobomber.

The way the shoes and belt match is so polished! You look great!

Awww, Frankie is a cutie pie!
I love the way you change the accessories and go from casual to polished casual in a snap! I'm a big fan of quality leather belts and shoes, so both variations of this outfit really hit my sweet spot. I think the fit of that shirt is just right.
Funny about boyfriend cut jeans and pants - I think they make me look bigger, but never have that reaction when I see them on others. You look great in yours! I guess we are all hardest on ourselves.
One of my daughters loves those Everlane loafers. She decided to make them her "signature" and has 3 pair.
Congrats on your weight loss! That sounds like some hard work and dedication.