These are great looks! Your boots are perfect with each one. I can't pick a favorite.

I am eager to wear my white jeans again later this spring/early summer -and amazed of your nr 2&5 looks here-as I never could make myself wearing white jeans with a proper coat! Both killer looks, nr 5 is like Angie would do!

ROBINF and LYN67 thank you kindly.
LYN67, I am eager to, but today it was sunny and warm like a spring and I wore #2. I can say that's first time that I tried white jeans with a proper coat and you see result, it works. So go ahead.

Perfecto! My favourite is no 2. The colour combination is so yummy. I want that coat. I think my least favourite is the black but it still looks good. And it’s nice for a change, yes?

Thank you BROOKLYN, I wore this outfit yesterday and today, it's beautiful weather, sunny, daily temperature about 14 C, the morning is colder.