It's really wonderful to see a new outfit from you, Anna (and noticing that you've been chiming in here and there). I miss you when you are not around.

Loving your chambray dress, it's the perfect colour blue. It looks great paired with the blonde booties, and cosy Pendleton cardigan. Your hair has grown quite a bit too. Fun!

The Puzzle Break sounds brilliant (my success rate would be much less than 21% if logic puzzles are involved, I'm soooo bad at that;-) I'm glad to hear you had fun, and thanks for sharing the wonderful sunset photo.

Anna, you look gorgeous! I love your nude-toned shoes and bare legs. I wish it were warmer in Atlanta right now.

Also, that puzzle experience sounds fantastic! I would be all over that! (and I'd probably cry when I couldn't figure it out).

What a fun event! And a nice layered look here. I always adore those booties they are the perfect pair with your hair and against the nude leg really lengthens the leg line.

Looking great! And so nice to see you again. The puzzle night sounds fun

You look great! I especially love the Pendleton cardigan. Sharing your current "fixation" with all things denim and chambray. (Looks fresh to my eye but also fits a casual lifestyle.)

The Puzzle Break sounds like a lot of fun. A clever idea!

Anna its not the same when you are not here on YLF. You don't realize how much inspiration you give!

I am mad about denim right now too. I am realizing it is an important part of my "uniform" of life.

Great outfit, Anna! Nice seeing you again.
Boston has a Locked Room experience my daughter has been trying to get us to do for a while - might have to try it now!

Oh my, so simple, so perfect!

From the thumbnails I thought you were in Arizona or New Mexico. The second picture's power pole looked like a cactus in the sunset. And your dress looked something for warm weather.

Our winter has been at least 20 degrees warmer than average. I haven't needed a coat, just sweaters at night.

I gave a little shout of glee, when I saw you post! Happy to see you back!

Love that dress so much! Great to "see" you popping in again.

Hi there and LOVE the mix of blues, cream and tan colors. So great with your hair and coloring. Excellent high-low mixing! Great dress structure + flowy cardigan.

You pulled me back out of lurking again. Loads of great style on here but I generally seem to relate to yours the most, I think. I love the splashes of pattern, color, sparkle that you often throw in. It's stuff that highly appeals to me.

I dig that outfit. I am loving chambray/denim/chunky cardigans and booties too. You are wearing it well.