Ms Pacman - that's so FUN! Love all your outfits - esp. #9 #10 and #1

Thank you ladies! And super fun to hear all the Ms. Pacman love -- It's now featured prominently in our "formal" living room

Beth Ann, it really is fun to see how different fabbers wear the same items, isn't it! Even if they were styled exactly the same way the outfits would look different on each of us. It's pretty brilliant ^^

Rachy, never thought of the light shoes + dark hose as festive but perhaps that's part of why I'm so attracted to it!

Sweet sister! These are all fabulous! It's impossible to pick a favorite. I love the way you wear light footwear; I have been trying to incorporate it in my own outfits - my natural inclination seems to be to wear dark shoes/boots.

So many of your outfits have given me outfit inspiration (#4 especially) - thank you!

Always a treat to see a gallery of your looks. I'm particularly fond of #4 and your sunnies collection. Awesome gift - that was my dad's favorite arcade game too!

Thank you Karie and JJ!

Karie, so interesting that you gravitate to dark footwear with your lighter hair (many people seem to). Perhaps we two are just wired funny

I LOVE seeing your posts! And as a fellow curly, your hair makes me smile in every single pic. It's just SO gorgeous!

! like all the outfits, but #10 is my favourite (I'm a dress up for the party' girl at heart.) So fun to see all your earrings too; I hardly ever wear them (mostly because I forget I have them) but you are making me think about them again!

Thank you Roxanna! Seeing other curly girls sport their curls makes me happy too I generally wear earrings every day (incidentally I'm giving my ears a break this week). The way many people forget about earrings, I forget about other types of jewelry heh.