Yay - those fit so perfectly with your sleek classic style. I can’t imagine them being more appropriate! Wear themoften.

Wow. You look fantastic! Love the boots.

KELLY GIRL, thank you very much, so sweet of you.
KAREN 13 , thank you I would wear them often, I really like them .
JILL58, thank you kindly.

Wow, love my dark red patent Zara boots, and these are almost the same just white and matte! All the stylings are beautifull, best shoe purchase ever!

Thank you LYN67, I have never had Zara shoes but I agree with you best purchase.

Mirjana - LOOK AT YOU - so gorgeous!

White boots are perfect for your style and a great bookend for your blonde hair. I love all the outfits - amazing. I also love how you have a white pom pom on your pink bag - the perfect accessory for white boots!

How fab are you! So gorgeous! Those boots really make a statement and elevate all your outfits. I can’t pick a favorite.

Wow, these look really great! My favorites are 1 and 2 but they are all fabulous!

I don't think white boots are age-related at all. Yours look elegant, and all your renditions are chic. The pullover in #3 looks adorable with your hair colour. And I like how the fun bag colour in #5 is echoed in your blouse. But really, you have an amazing ability to ALWAYS look polished and great.

Wow, thank you so much BIJOU, AQUAMARINE, ROBIN F and THE CAT for you such compliments, you touch my heart.
BIJOU I have pom pom in couple of colors and use them for different bags.
THE CAT I am glad you like my cream pullover with pearls .

Your outfits make me smile! Your new boots look fantastic. Zara has produced some really great pieces lately.

Thank you NEMOSMOM, I agree about Zara and yesterday I bought the pants.
My outfit with this new pants #7.

Mirjana, the boots are FABULOUS on you! And what outfits you have created, so stylish! No 5 and 6 are truly outstanding.

KILLER with the plaid pants.

They look amazin with your pants !

You look absolutely divine in each iteration, Mirjana!

KATERINA and TAYLOR thank you kindly, you are so sweet and very supportive.
Thank you ANGIE you are sweetheart and you always made my day.
COBALTBLUE, thank you.