OH, I LOVE this !!! Not only are you a lot of fun, but you are a lot of fun to look at.

This is one of those where a picture is worth a thousand words. You can tell that this is YOU! The colors are fabulous and I love the way you played with fur on your boots and the fun bag! You're the gal we all want to know!

So fun and so cute! Love the whole outfit!

This *is* a lot of fun! But it's also not in any way over the top or too busy. You hit just the right note with the patterns and not too many colors. You look great!!

My name in Angie and I am clearly not as fun as Nicole.

You always look killer fabulous! This outfit is no different

You are a lot of fun.The outfit is fun and you rock it.

You do look like alot of fun. And, now I'm wishing I had a polka dot cardigan! So cute!

Ok, our local college students need to take a page from your book! Everybody is walking around in the color "drab." This would so help everybody. I'm serious.

Nicole, I adore your darker hair. WOW. Gorgeous, Gal!

Quite fun! Love how the cami adds a pop of color to your dots and stripes

You do look like a lot of fun

Super cute Nicole! I love the striped socks. I get sassed when I wear my skulls knuckle ring, too

The socks! The necklace! The spots! The purple! The necklace! I want to copycat this something bad (but for the minor limitation of owning absolutely none of these fun elements). Great outfit.