Ladies! Thanks so much for all the lovey comments, but especially for sharing your dressy capsule approaches. It was fantastic to read through.

And in case it didn't come across clearly in my original post, I actually often feel under-dressed next to my husband (who bats for Team Dressy and Team Few Items But Best Quality) when I try to dress at the same "dressiness level" as he; for example if he dresses casually, I need to do smart-casual because his "casual" is dressier than my "casual." I can certainly appreciate both directions of this when trying to dress in a way that compliments our other halves, though! It can be tricky at times to be sure.

Lisa, thanks for clarifying. I wonder if being able to dress more common items up feels better because those items are getting more use on a day-to-day basis. Whereas keeping really dressy items feels a little less versatile; there are often more ways to dress an item UP than to dress an item DOWN.

Sharan, Gigi, Bijou, Dakotacheryl, Karie, and Sally, heels are certainly a quick way to step an outfit up in dressiness, and my go-to. Though my husband prefers flats, so I also will wear my dressy flats for some occasions. And like you gals I also like to add additional sparkle, but of course since I bat for Team Daytime Sparkle I have to really ramp it up for event wear

Anna, hah! Yes you are totally right, this is NOT bombshell. I just felt like it because it's more fitted overall than what I usually wear. The top would have to be a fair amount more fitted, certainly. I think that's about what I can manage right now though. David was totally with you on this too, he specifically asked me to tell you he agrees Too bad about the Seattle rockabilly scene. Back in my band days I loved playing Ballard, the crowds were always super fun and I felt very comfortable there (especially early on when I was dressing more rockabilly for our shows).

Denise, hmm good question on the belt. I don't know! Now that I look at it I guess my outfit is quite similar to the stock photo. I suppose it's a way to get the crisper dressiness of fully tucking without it feeling overly formal, which is what I was going for. The show was fun! As expected a full range of dress, and several fun costumes. I felt perfectly in place.

Angie, I love that your event dressing still includes "trendy". I really like trendier event dressing but I definitely tone that aspect down when out with my husband since he does not. He did like this outfit, weird coated jeans and all, so I was very happy!

Jaime, how fun that you have a nice range of dressy events to attend! I have the utmost confidence in your amazing wardrobe's ability to handle anything that pops up ^^ Re the belt, see my reply to Denise above!

Rachy, teehee well it seems you are one of the few to prefer dressing down the dressy! Totally fits and totally makes sense.

Janet, most of the time I see those sparkly dress departments devoid of clients, and when they're there they seem to be younger (under 25). I don't have any cocktail dresses but have been thinking it might be nice to have one as an option. I'm thinking orange or red

Smittie, I purposely don't include any denim (except something very special, like this coated pair) in my event capsule -- already wear jeans plenty as is! Love the idea of a sequin skirt. I've been on the hunt for a sequin jacket for a while now, too! I like the sound of your dream Xmas party outfit ^^