Since I'm a bit behind in my outfit posts I thought I'd lump a bunch of casual weekend looks from the past few weeks together! Weekend reflection: I've been working on simplifying my weekend outfits even further recently. With 99% of my life being casual and since I essentially work from home, over the last few months I have been enjoying dividing my work outfits into "smart casual with the occasional business casual" and weekend outfits into "casual with the occasional smart casual". I don't stick to it super rigidly but it definitely helps me feel more cohesive in what I'm wearing, especially since I've also split my style preferences along too (more urban/70s glam during the week, and more boho/rugged for the weekend).

Chatty as usual, feel free to skip down to the photos

  1. Saturday, 10.20. A day out with friends: Endurocross competition (dirt biking), dinner, drinks & darts. Needed something very casual for the enduro event, and shoes I could walk/stand around all day in. In retrospect I'd swap the trousers out for my black jeans. I hadn't road tested these new boots out and risked them for the day, luckily they turned out to be awesome. I didn't wear this very much without the jacket, but when I did I got a lot of attention from drunk Canadians enduro guys at the bar
  2. Sunday, 10.21. Another day with friends: breakfast, pumpkin patch, and pumpkin carving party with the traditional carving movie "Repo! The Genetic Opera" (oh yes). I knew the patch would be MUDDY, so I formed this outfit around items I care least about on the bottom half: my riding boots, and straight leg blue jeans. Puffer for warmth, because it was Just That Cold.
  3. Bonus photo of my finished pumpkin, who is QUITE large. Rawr!
  4. Saturday, 10.27. My sister's birthday, and she asked me to help her study for her midterms. Wanted to try olive+olive with these boots, and my favorite thing to pair with olive is black; added the sweater because I knew it'd be cold where we were studying. Perhaps a bit grungier than you guys have seen me wear, but I did do the grunge thing years ago and feel quite at home with the style (I do realize this isn't all that gritty, but what can I say I'm still just 50-50 RATE-POP ^^).
  5. Monday, 10.29. Was supposed to help my sis study more, but she skipped out so I ran some errands. Jayne had commented on pairing forest green+emerald sometime back and it's been stuck in my head ever since, so I thought I'd give it a go. These cute gold slipper flats are a very belated birthday gift from my sis that I just couldn't wait to wear! I fully expect to wear them ALL the time this spring and summer. I'm quite happy with this color palette, Autumnally moody yet bright.
  6. Saturday, 11.03 (daytime). Worn out to breakfast, then run some errands with hubby. I don't wear this cabled cardigan much, but I especially enjoy wearing it as a sweater and popping something bright underneath; this orange striped tee is a favorite combo. In the evening we went to a swanky steak place for my brother-in-law's birthday so I changed, will post that outfit later.
  7. Sunday, 11.04. Had a friend over to watch football, so I opted for extra casual and cozy with an oversized sweater and colorful skinnies. Barely even did my hair Easy peasy!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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