Thank you for the fashion goals. Hmm, I think my fashion goals are changing too. Or something. Thank you for giving me food for thought as always!

Thanks for the thoughtful comments ladies!

Sharan, hehe yes this is definitely more gray than anything. Still felt dark compared to what I normally wear, especially without any colors added in. I do have and wear black shoes, but tend to stick to dark bottoms with them; over summer they get far less worn because I usually have my legs exposed and that's about as far from "dark" as can be Will definitely try the jeans with some of my rusty items, I also love oranges paired with grays and that sounds like a great rich version for fall. Thanks!

Lyn and Suz, good questions. I hopped on both the slouchy/oversized and the all-light bandwagon very early, since both are already very appealing to me. Part of my desire to change is because after several years the opposites feel "new" again, and part of it is that slouchy/oversized is just so oversaturated and I enjoy wearing something a little different. I definitely plan to keep some slouch and oversize in my style, it feels very me; at the moment I really feel like wearing it less pronounced and reigned in, on the very fluid end of fluidly-tailored.

And of course lightness will always remain a priority for me -- I can't envision fully embracing a fully dark look. The darkness is more an experiment for the season, we'll see how I feel about it once truly gloomy weather sets in; it's entirely likely that I'll ditch the idea and go back to the light!

As for what drives the change, I think the main catalyst was the decision to grow my hair into a longer style AND not put it up much -- which was a key way that I got a little extra toughness (not that it's that tough!) to my look, so going darker should fill that role. Runway shows are also an influence. But mostly I just felt like it was time to change; I'd been on my previous style leg a good long while. Articulating took a long time though, almost a year.

Jaime, fun! I'd be curious to hear about them if they ever manifest into something cohesive and shareable

That jacket looks so soft and comfy.

This is a great outfit and a very flattering look on you. I did expect to see a blackout from your description, but was really nicely surprised by the way you pulled it all together.