Stunning, Aida! I walked away from that tunic at BR and you are making want to walk right back! And a jacket that matches! Perfect. That makes this so much more versatile! You look so pretty next to the circus photo....all the colors work so nicely together:)


For those looking for a fun affordable fringe bag, my H&M one has proved to be a lot of value for $15. Still in stores, and there's a similar one in Aida's light grey.

Holy cow! You must have been voted "best dressed" at the circus! Love the energy of orange on you! The sweater definitely has a retro late 80's / early 90's vibe, but the hi-low hem, and the rest of your styling makes is modern and fresh.

This outfit makes me happy!

Wow thanks for all the wonderful comments ladies! For those considering the sweater, I must say it's quite nice. A warm fabrication despite being sleeveless, and it's quite soft and cozy so the cowl is very comfortable (even when it was pressed into my neck with the jacket).

Cheryle, looking forward to seeing you in the charcoal, I bet it'll look smashing on you styled with some high contrast white.

Smittie, I usually look for sunglasses that go up above my brows. Definitely in the "bigger the better" sunnies club

Sharan, interesting thought on the bare arms adding to the length, they definitely seem to; the version with the jacket feels like it has more regular proportions, versus the longer look without.

Una! It's snowing there already!? That little fringed bag was cute, how fun that there's also a gray option. Light gray seems to be tough to find!

Janet, this fringey clutch comes in a deep burgundy shade (added Find below). Just sayin

Angie, ooooh yes! The Felina looks especially Angie-styled, yummy pumpkiny shade. I like those strapped clutches too. I have it in my head to find a cognac fringe clutch with a handle.... which probably doesn't exist. Would you wear the rustier orange shade with our Zara jacket?

Beth Ann, thanks for your extra sweet comment. I did see several people who looked as if they'd just come from work, too. Hadn't thought of this sweater sneaking into the 90s but you're totally right. I guess I can participate in the 90s resurgence, after all! Just not in black

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