For many years now, our Labor Day Weekend tradition is to spend the weekend "camping" with all of our friends. Why the quotes? Because it's just barely technically so -- We rent out a small beach house on Camano Island, and then all pitch our tents out in the yard It's always a wonderful weekend, and the perfect way to start winding down summer. We relax, play yard games, go crabbing, and cook up a storm! Feel free to skip ahead to the photos ^^

Extra casual is in order and, even though we have full amenities, my husband and I both skewed to our usual light packing; all of our clothing and toiletries fit into a large duffel bag. Since we had a bit more room than with normal camping, I brought a little more than I usually would for four days:

  • 1 jacket (lined faux-leather moto)
  • 3 tops (two sweaters, one tee)
  • 2 bottoms (faded skinny jeans, blackwatch skinny jeans)
  • 3 shoes (sandals, sneakers, boots)
  • 1 hat, 1 belt, 1 pair sunglasses, 1 pair of silver hoops, and my watch

I also brought an extra top (yellow gingham, unworn) and an extra topper (hoodie, unworn) because we just weren't sure what the weather was going to give us; we got a little bit of everything, and my packing had me well prepared. I do wish I'd brought shorts though, the third day was bonafide HOT (up in the 80s)!

So here are my outfits for the weekend (#1-4). I missed photographing two outfit iterations, so you'll have to do a little imagining here: for nighttime #1 was worn top untucked with the moto, and #3 got sneakers and full-length jeans unrolled once evening rolled around. Also some extra photos from the weekend including the obligatory campfire shot. Hubby and I also had fun playing with the long exposure settings on my little camera after everyone went to sleep, and we got some nifty star photos (#8); I brightened up the color and contrast on those because, well, they're just prettier that way.

A few side thoughts that came up: The first, I had been waffling about keeping this NAS moto since I don't generally wear dark brown; I decided, literally the morning we left, that I would keep it and was much happier wearing it than I'd expected. Second, these jeans bagged out a LOT within an hour of putting them on; I'm hoping to get to Nordies this weekend to see if I can try a size down because I really want these to be a more tailored fit! And third and most importantly, sorting out my active-casual capsule this summer has made me feel a LOT more comfortable with extra casual dressing, and I was able to fully enjoy the weekend without fussing over what I was wearing; now to do the same for fall/winter!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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