Ok so this is essentially a dressy, more fashion conscious version of a sweatshirt + gym shorts + sneakers outfit. I don't know how sloppy this actually looks (versus how soft it feels) but I think this probably borders into the unknown for anyone not into/aware of trendy fashion. Very unstructured, rather unconventional-bordering-frumpy proportions. I'd guess it could read equally as fashion-in-the-know and fashion-out-of-the-loop I promise I do have several more structured outfit ideas for these culottes, but they're all for cooler weather. For now I'm enjoying wearing them in a very soft and oversized way.

The few points of structure in this outfit are enough for me, but only on a day that I was up for it like today: a little at the neck, forearms, a wee bit of calf, and "streamlined" sneakers. The structured clutch also helps, and I chose it because of how opposing its rigid structure and print looked against the very soft clothing. Tucking or semi-tucking the top would add a good deal more structure, but I was going for the sweats look so I left it untucked and long. Keeping with the sporty vibe I added giant gold hoops (which also gets me that bit of glam I need), and a better-than-nude peachy lip tint. While hair up would add to the sporty side, I left it down to play with the slouchy side.

As seems to often be the case with oversized and slouchy clothing, the photographs don't show nearly as much as there is in person. Not at all sure what the reaction to this outfit will be; I liked it, but I am curious to hear all of your thoughts on it ^^

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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