Today I dusted off a favorite summer formula I haven't been sporting much: summer sweater + baggy short shorts + short boots. Though it usually manifests strongly in the summer, I've been toying with the idea of adding a little more boho flair to my fall/winter wardrobe (we'll see). For the most part that side of my style has taken more of a back seat this year, but it's still there and I still like it; my curls always add a boho touch, and many days that's been the extent of it. This formula tends to skew boho by default since nearly all of the boots that I wear in summer fall into that category, and perhaps that's why I haven't been wearing it much this season -- been really into my pointy and ankle-strap footwear! For today, I am enjoying a refreshed older staple look: the shorts and boots are from previous years but the formula feels perfectly updated with a very current, very oversized sweater. (The rose gold booties I've been considering would be another fun way to refresh this.)

Without the semi-tuck the open-weave knit of this sweater causes some grinning; since it's low contrast against my skin and not that open a weave, I skipped layering a tank underneath which gives a much smoother look. In the sunlight you catch a glimpse of my outline beneath, a very subtle effect which I quite like. Plus it helps keep it as breezy as it can be (the linen content helps otherwise). Accessorized with warm tones -- gold filigree earrings, tan and neon orange clutch -- and a swipe of soft pink lipstick. I really like how the final mix is both soft and graphic. Definitely falls into my royal realm of Modern 70s With A Touch Of 80s, which makes me feel happiest. A bucketload of sun doesn't hurt, either

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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