After wearing a white-out look for a seriously rainy day, for the second straight day of gloom and rain I decided to go with the fun: color, fuzz, sequins, and pompadour-ponytail! (Happy to report that summer has since returned.) I spent the day out shopping with and for my sis, and purposefully chose to wear something complicated to take off so I would be less inclined to try stuff on -- between the booties, BF jeans, crew neck and updo it was definitely difficult, but of course I still managed to find some things for myself

This cropped-over-long silhouette is something I've been eying a good while (Rae does it particularly inspiringly: 1|2|3|4) so I decided to make the most of the cool day to try it out now that I have two cropped sweaters that it'll work with (I have a second that I got at NAS). This bright and fuzzy sweater came home with me a little while back, intended for fall/winter/spring + cool summer days. But after wearing it for the first time I think I'll have to reduce that to fall/winter and only the coolest days in early spring as it's ridiculously warm! It elicited several comments which was amusing (every SA in BP at Nordies, so hmmm.. too young?). The very high crew neck isn't the most flattering on me but the fun factor totally earns it a place in my wardrobe, and I look forward its cheerfulness when it's extra grizzly this winter. Plus it's super cuddly, and that's always nice ^^

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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