I have a whole bucketfull of outfits to post from the past few weeks, but for today I wanted to post an Angie birthday tribute outfit -- an outfit that is 100% me and makes me 100% happy, but clearly inspired by Angie. I had planned this outfit last night, and was tickled to see Angie's white-out birthday look this morning ^^

During my early time at YLF, Angie helped me come to the realization that I LOVE white. Waaaay more than black which had been my predominant neutral. Looks just as good (if not better) on me, and makes me infinitely happier to wear. I joined Team White and Team White-On-White very early on and haven't looked back! So thank you, Angie, for helping me to realize that although black may be a predominantly favored neutral, it doesn't have to be MY favored neutral. I couldn't be happier with this realization, and it continues to drive all of my wardrobe decisions going forward.

I also wouldn't have tried white jeans (which are now a staple!) without a little gentle push, nor the sequin tank for daytime sparkle even though I have the Magpie Gene; I'd have ruled both of these items as too impractical and not-normal-enough. Good thing I got those thoughts out of the way! And although we style our pieces differently, Angie and I share a very similar style aesthetic so I couldn't help but also don our twinnie clutch and shoes today.

The scarf is new, something I bought while out shopping with a friend this past weekend. I actually purchased it for fall but hey I hover on the outskirts of Team Wear and once in a while pop my head in Minimal jewelry, just small ivory studs and my rose gold watch. Finished off with an Angie-inspired watermelon lip color which I achieved by layering two semi-sheer shades (pinky-red underneath a candy pink crème).

Thanks for all the awesome style advice you've given me over the years, Angie! You are always such wonderful inspiration <3 For you, TWO photos with my usual toothy grin!

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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