Angus - "Cass"

Instead of looking primarily at color, for this art challenge I'm going to look more laterally for inspiration. The two main draws for me from this particular piece are space (vastness of the environment against smallness of the lone person) and, on a secondary level, signature (the description of Angus's style as flat/simplified colors, outlined elements, and "drawing with paint").

Fashion-wise it made sense to correlate "space" to "volume". While I was veerrryy tempted to simply go for a literal Maximum Volume Possible take, ultimately I decided that a wearable final outfit was more important This one is still very voluminous, though!

The culottes were a no-brainer as my most voluminous bottoms, plus bonus that the tuxedo stripes echo the vertical elements in the painting. I picked this particular blouse because of the volume, color, the "ink drawn" look, and sleeve shape which echoes all the triangular geometry. Footwear considered only aesthetically, but upon later reflection I was amused that they are probably one of the few pairs I wouldn't wear in the environment depicted in the painting.

I took photos both tucked and untucked, and quite like them both though am actually wearing the untucked version. Tucked is definitely more traditionally flattering but I much prefer actual short tops over tucking these days. And while untucked is probably juuust at the edge of JFE, even with low-contrast flats, I'm really liking the funkier/artier/breezier vibe.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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