Two casual outfits from late last week, variations on a theme: top + faded jeans + sneakers. Pardon the two-up duplication in #1, that's so I can see both outfits when I search my posts ^^

(Opening weekend of the Everett Aquasox, the Mariners Single A Short Season baseball team, which is my personal unofficial start to summer. During their short season hubby and I enjoy stopping by after work on the way home for a hotdog and a game, which doesn't cost much more than eating out would ^^)

#2,3 - Friday: worn to work then to baseball game #1. A slightly dressier version with the silky top and hard clutch. Still getting used to sneakers, so I pulled out an old red pair to test out a more colorful sneaker look (it's OK, not my fave). The forecast was for R-A-I-N, but luckily it just threatened without materializing; I grabbed a hoodie for the game (avert your eyes, Karie!), although it was waaaay colder than expected and I wished I'd worn a proper Big Coat.

I didn't feel super in this outfit, although it's not bad, and actually felt better with the hoodie on because it added some structure. I'm guessing that between the slouchy hat, oversized soft shirt, extra baggy faded denim, and sneakers it all just felt a bit too sloppy for me that day. Without the evening's constraints, I'd have swapped the sneakers for dressier refined shoes, rolled up the sleeves, and put my hair up for even more structure. (I did actually quite like the long torso proportions, so wouldn't have semi-tucked.) Probably I should've just came up with something else to wear and saved this one for another day when I could make those tweaks.

#4,5 - Saturday: worn to the grocery, out dirt biking, out for dinner, then baseball game #2. Another outing utilizing my budding active-casual capsule, so far so good. However, I can already tell that I'm not going to want as many tees as I'd initially planned so I'll need to swap a prospective few out for prospective woven tops. That might be tough though, we'll see how that goes. For riding the only piece I kept on was the tee (100% cotton), everything else was replaced with riding gear and my hair was down in the helmet. Once we were done and packed up, I changed back into my jeans/belt, sneakers, earrings/watch, and then put my hair up with the headband (to help hide crazy lumpy hair underneath!). Much happier than staying in grubby gear, although no stops along the way this time. Later when we went to the game, I ditched my purse and popped on a jacket; we got to enjoy the rain that was supposed to hit the previous night and, even with a blanket, yet again I wished I'd worn a proper Big Coat.

Nail photo detail in Tuesday's post, and available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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