This is a straight up copycat of one of the example photos from Angie's recent Sporty-Luxe blog post, the last in the second row. Bomber jacket zipped up? Check. Rolled BF jeans? Check. Pointy ankle-strap pumps? Check. Clutch? Check. Easy peasy, done and done Added my 80s mirrored sunnies for more sporty fun. And further accessorized on the luxe side with a dainty gold bangle, candy pink lipstick, double-coated mascara, and I've also worn long earrings with the pomp-pony for the first time; while I quite like it here, I fully expect it to continue being a rare occurrence.

Three interesting details:

ONE: To give this jacket an even stronger shouldered look, I folded both halves of its shoulder pads (oh yes!) to the back instead of splitting them around my shoulder. Instant faux sharp shoulder look. What can I say, this IT enjoys a sharp shoulder!

TWO: I didn't like how the belt looked done up all normal like. I actually preferred the look without the belt but needed it to ensure the jacket would behave. So I swiveled it around and buckled it on my side to give it a more asymmetrical feel, as well as show more of the studs from the front.

THREE: To play up the sporty I had to put my hair up, of course, and the "pomp" part of my pomp-pony is extra big today (I don't have much control over it, heh). It really does photograph quite nicely. But the full height is the same distance as the tip of my nose up to my hair line! In person it's much more much than it looks in the photos; you can kind of get a sense of it from the middle photo. Too big? Not sure, but it is pretty fun.

Nail photo detail in Tuesday's post, and available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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