So, so fab! Just seeing the lovely bright colours bounce out from my laptop screen makes me feel happy. What delicious colour combinations! Like Skylurker, I cant pick a favourite and I wont, so there

Thanks for that explanation, Aida. Yes, a change in size will definitely create some clattering hangers...and I would love to hear your thoughts about it all when you have time. I suspect I am about to go through a process of renewal myself with the new hair, so need to get prepared for it. Luckily, everything fits, but in some ways that makes it harder to get rid of if it is no longer quite right.

WOW! If anyone can make me like crop flares, it's you and the outfit in #4! Super fab, and I love all the color.

The florals in #5 are gorgeous, and the red sneaks definitely make the third outfit super fun!

Love the bright, happy colors. You look amazing in them!

Very pretty and happy. 4 is amazing!

I love all of them!

I am speechless! You are stunning in these. I see why you love the third, it is sort of the ideal outfit brought to earth huh? But the first is a great example of how perfect fit elevates (if I may use the term) an outfit from good to fantastic. I love how the pink sneakers give a signature touch to the second. And you look like a work of art in Sharan's floral top and the shoes. But the third, yes, that is sort of uber Aida. You are a true inspiration! (Apparently I wasn't speechless after all.)

Another love for #4. Those bright colours are so perfect with your colouring and wild hair. I love it. All the outfits are FAB.

Your outfit are always a joy. So beautiful!

I tend to be a fan of neutrals but these looks are so bright and fun you are converting me! I love the black and white looks with a pop of bright color but the bright combos are great too. I can't pick a favorite!

All I can see is color. In every fit you seem at home in.

I can really see a shift in or perhaps an edit of your look- and every single one of these outfits represents that. There's a cohesion to your look but the individuality and sense of fun is still definitely there. I love every single outfit here - and am in envy of your photo shoots Having an in-house photographer sure helps document things and show them off to their best advantage , I would imagine . Can't go back to look at the photos while typing or I'll lose my post (can that not be changed?) as I'm curious about the red pants (I'll look after I'm finished) .....they are absolutely perfect on you . Just love them.

OOOH so happy about the colors, the fits, and the fabulous silhouettes. #4 is my favorite, but I love them all.

How did you find the fit on the Two by VC top?

You have a great eye for capturing bits of retro in a thoroughly modern way.

#4 blows me away ,you look wonderful Nodding head about fit being so important.

I can also see the style shift in this series of pics compared to previous ones. Definitely crisper and more tailored, but with the pretty glam rock edge that Skylurker mentioned.

I like them all with special love for Tuesday and Thursday in this series.

Wow nr 3 is so happy and on trend, vote killer! Then, my fave are nr 2 and 4, but really you are always a glamorous inspiration!

Love Thursday's pink and orange. Great collection!

WOW thank you ladies! Such lovely comments

Suz, I hope you'll continue posting about your shift. And I totally hear you on it being tougher to pass on well-fitting items!

Jaime, hah to "uber Aida" ^^ That should be my daily goal, right??

Lisa, the orange kick crops were from Anthro last fall so unfortunately aren't available any more. I like the longer length on these compared to my white kick crop jeans.! As for photos, I actually take my own with a proper camera and self-timer -- The rock wall ones are for sunny days and taken with a tripod and one of my husband's hats as a lens shield (#1, 2) and the barky ones are for cloudy days taken with the camera set on a hot tub cover (#3). Been doing it a long time so I have loads of practice

Beth Ann, I think the VC top probably runs fairly TTS.

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