One of the main reasons I really wanted a pair of distressed, ultra faded BF jeans this year was to pair them with black (inspiration: 1|2|3|4). I find the contrast so delightful: full pigment vs. faded pigment, tough and urban vs. coastal and cool, inherently dressy vs. inherently casual, high contrast yet soft because it's not white. Of course I don't wear much black and fully plan for these jeans to be paired with primarily light and bright colors as usual, but for now I am enjoying exploring (like here and here) how black looks with light/pastel shades. You can't really see the jean distressing in these photos, it's much more noticeable in person.

The "one ultra faded denim item" + "all the rest in black" is a simple combo, but really my skin plays the part of a third color (the snakeskin on the belt and peach sunnies also fall into that category). Initially I tried this with booties that fully covered my foot, but I liked having the extra skin there showing. Then my plan was for black pumps except, strangely, I'm sore today (yet wasn't yesterday) from dirt biking on Monday so out came the black loafers which add even more to... whatever the vibe of this outfit is. Had to add a little bit of glam with the giant doorknocker earrings, dainty gold spiked bracelet, retro sunnies, candy pink lipstick, and double-coated mascara (also my hair); in addition to a peek of my pretty lacy blush bra if you happen to be at juuuuust the right angle and I'm moving juuuuust the right way. While I have very few black tops with which to try variations on this theme, for today I really like this extra slouchy outfit!

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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