Today I was up early for an early morning eyebrow appointment (finally!), but this time I planned my outfit ahead so I wouldn't have to think while sleepy. I purposefully picked something I knew would work (the tank and cardigan is a favorite combo) and had a backup plan for the shoes in case the BIG roll didn't work (black metallic-capped flats). Needless to say it was a much less stressful morning!

I don't think I've ever worn the top half with white bottoms before, usually it's black or denim. But of course it's no surprise that I just love all the white, makes me feel much happier. White is definitely giving my olives new life! I debated (briefly) rolling the jeans more normal/small but thought the BIG roll was fun; I think I'd like it even better on skinnies vs. straights like these. It's a little less impactful without the contrast lining as you'd get with dark washed denim, which is just fine in this outfit. I'm also glad it worked because I love how the ankle strap looks with the stripes up above. Finished with retro sunnies and sequined clutch to play up the retro vibe of the ankle shoes and pomp-pony. I think this might be the best I've ever gotten this lightweight rayon cardigan to photograph!

In camera news -- I didn't have a good non-sunny place to shoot that early in the morning, so I got to play with the new camera's built-in HDR mode which worked quite nicely. I added a fun windy+nonHDR photo (#3), which shows a big difference in softening the angled sunlight (as well as how airy the cardi is!). I have to say, the camera's color capture is pretty amazing; I'm not needing to do much if anything to prep my outfit photos, though I'm having some "new camera user" issues with consistency Bonus macro iris photo (#4) straight out of the camera, all I did was crop it (this is a near 100% crop). Not too shabby for a compact camera!

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