We closed out my birthday weekend with a fun afternoon of very muddy dirt biking! It was a beautiful day with beautiful scenery. Everything was very lush and soooo green and springy. Plus there were puddles EVERYwhere. I got myself stuck a few times and got my fill of splashing around. The bikes were appropriately dirty by the time we finished, as were we ^^ [EDIT: for fun, a gif]

At my husband's suggestion I brought a separate set of clean clothing to change into after riding. Probably the best sartorial approach versus trying to find something that pulls double duty -- it allowed me to be totally worry free about what I was wearing whether that was for packing, riding, or whatever we do on either end (we often eat breakfast out on the way up and/or a meal out on the way home). I am still working on getting dedicated dirt bike gear, but for now I wore an old cotton/cashmere sweater and thick black work pants with my street riding boots and armored gloves. Easy to launder and no biggie when they get muddied up.

After all the bike stuff was done and packed up, I changed into the casual outfit in #1 for the rest of the evening (a favorite color combo: orange + blue + white, this time with a shot of red thrown in there). The hat was necessary to disguise some serious helmet hair I am definitely going to need some summery openweave hats! We stopped for dinner at a little restaurant on the way home and I felt great because I wasn't concerned about looking grimy nor geary. Still getting used to the new camera, so far so good (if a little inconsistent).

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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