Like yesterday, today I wanted floor-sweeping hems since rain is a-comin tomorrow and over the weekend. The baseball game that I thought was last week is tonight (it's sriracha night!), and though I had hopes of adapting what I wore then it's not quite warm enough for it work tonight. So I kept the jacket, teal tank (unseen), and light shoes though these are my taller cream booties. The jacket is too cropped for the low-rise jeans to wear done up like I had planned. Instead I added my team hoodie and popped the denim moto over the top. Simple accessorizing, just my watch and chevron earrings to add a little more mariner stripe action; finished with matching blue mirrored shades, black foldover clutch, and double-coated mascara and soft cherry-pink lip color for a little extra femme.

As an aside, I haven't had a chance to wash and air dry these flares but I am wearing these with taller heels and they are still too long so I am pretty certain that I will have to go back and have them hemmed up further. I think they need another inch!

It actually ended up being warmer than I expected today (10 degrees warmer), so I spent most of the day sans moto with hoodie sleeves pushed up. Incidentally, we might also go to the game on Saturday for my birthday which is 70s throwback night. If so, I'll be wearing this again really soon. Hmm, maybe with boots and retro cap... Anyhoo, I'm very happy with the extra casual sporty vibe today. Off I go

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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