You are wearing my most favorite accent color, Aida, and it looks fantastic on you...and we are Loft zippered skinny jean twins! Love them!!!

Thank you ladies!

UmmLila, eep that long now? I hope your hand feels better soon! I'm not exactly sure what I did to mine, but am grateful it was only a month recovery.

Ann, hah me neither! You looked super as usual. Loved your citron, dove gray and silver palette, so fresh! Do you do white nails at all? I bet that'd be fun with that palette too ^^ Haven't flailed into anything (that I know of) since the meetup, so far so good

Carole, they're super jeans right?? Love the weight, nice and thick.

Oh, I loved this on you when I saw the Seattle photos. What a great top and jacket combo. Such gorgeous colours. I like the long dipped back of the top and I'm a little surprised at how beautifully the proportions work with the jacket. Great to see your lovely self again Aida!

Thank you Diane! I'm really loving the long dipped back and have a hankering for more. The short jacket, of which I have many, really does work surprisingly well with them.