Love, love, love your hair!! So gorgeous!

And getting three pair of jeans sorted in one season, I think there should be a medal for that!

I love your hair and those pastel shoes are to die for. (make note self...Can't buy any more shoes)

Floral ladylike pumps with slouchy faded jeans? FAB!

And it's hair like yours that makes me wish I had curls

Okay! Darn it! Now you've convinced me and I'm going to have to go out and buy that wildly expensive mousse to see if it will boost my hair. Oh, and you look fabulously fantastic too. You really make these loose layers look so...cooool. Aida, Queen Nonchalant Cool.

Oh my goodness ladies, thank you all so much for the lovely and wonderful comments and compliments!! I'm blushing over here. For those with looser curls like mine, as I mentioned in yesterday's post I use Oribe's Curl Shaping Mousse along with a diffuser for definition and bounce I wouldn't otherwise have; the cut also has loads of choppy layers. Hmm maybe I should write up a post about how I do my hair... I'll see what I can do!

Ornella, I'll wear the black accent outfit next time, no worries ^^

Angie, thank you <3 Glad I'm hitting the right balance

Thistle, crazy right!? I am still in shock that I accomplished it, though I'm thinking it won't sink in until all three pairs are here in front of me.

K.P., hah I'm sorry and not sorry! I love this stuff, plus it smells amazing. Really work it in good and blow dry upside down with a diffuser to twirl the curls. Pop a little spray around the crown at the end if you want more lift!

Beautiful as always and your hair is amazing!