Love your style! Your leopard boots are TDF. Subtle but perfectly kicky.

A super set of outfits! I zeroed right in on the leggings and cropped pants look. Fantastic! You are so creative. I also think the first outfit looks perfectly current and love the fresh colors. I don't know how I would handle the baggy flares. They are cute on you with this oversized top. But I do kind of want to see them a little shorter. It's so hard to get the length just right with flares; I don't like being limited to one shoe or at least one heel height.

In short: Yippee.
#1 Love the column of light under the orange.
#2 Great top and you are wearing our shoes!
#3 So glam - I secretly love (faux) fur but never wear it.
#4 Love this. I want to see it under culottes too please.
#5 I kind of love the bagginess of the flares but don't know how they will play shorter.
Fantastic outfits, the brevity of my comments is a reflection of my sleepiness and not their worthiness :-)!

Thanks ladies!

Rabbit, yes the scarf is long enough to wrap that way, though I haven't tried it around the shoulders yet. I seem to like it best left long, but it's extra cozy doubled up like a big fluffy shoulder warmer. It's Dramatic with a capital D for sure. If we'd had any snow this year I was planning on using it under and over my winter coats... but, well, you know how that turned out

Jackie, those pants sound super fun! I've always been a fan of the pantaloon vibe, and this layering should help extend the seasonality of a few of my long shorts that normally only get worn in summer. I bet it would look awesome with your puffy shorts!

Angie, thanks for chiming back in on the layered looks. I ADORE that outfit you've pinned, soooo cute! I've actually been toying with the idea of more leggings all season, and the idea of pairing under pants, shorts and skirts sounds so much more appealing to me than with the more standard tunics/dresses; I also particularly like that you can tell they're leggings and not tights. That exposed foot skin makes all the difference for me. Will definitely explore this while we've got the weather for it! Also, I totally bit on the adorable shoes since they're running a 40% off thing. I'm all for a wardrobe of pretty and refined shoes ^^

Sharan and Jaime, I would hem the flares in a way that would leave them to drape similarly to how they look here; I just don't want to have to belt them up as high as I had to here. I've a hunch they'll end up looking a bit more straight, though. I doubt I'll ever wear them with 4" heels again so I think it's worth a try especially since the bulk of my heels are right around 2" these days. (And thanks for the brief but detailed feedback, Jaime!)

High five, me too, Aida. Pretty shoes for the win. And I'm excited to see your leggings renditions. I've been playing around with my old cropped leggings - popping them under my denim dress and Flag dress - and loving it with the new BR flats. If this gorgeous weather continues - I'll be wearing the combinations soon.

(The '80s gal in me had to hang on to my ancient leggings).

I kept my favorite pairs too! I never did find a good really cropped pair, but I'd still love to get a below-the-knee pair with zippers. In black I've got two full length pairs and a mid-calf cropped pair to play around with, plus a light gray full length pair that might be fun with my gray knickerbocker shorts. Can't wait to try some other leggings outfits, I've got all sorts of ideas. I'll have to wait until the 17th when we get back from Spring Training to try the cute shoes though, would've been nice to take them!

The cropped pants over the leggings is positively brilliant Aida! I'm so in love with this look I can hardly stand it!

I can't pick a favorite. There is so much inspiration and great ideas to study here. Thank you so much for posting these fab outfits.

Holy cats, I love what you did with the pants in 5!!!

Really like #2 & #4
Fun style you have!!!