My favs are outfits #4 and #6,

In #4 I think the forearm and ankle skin provides enough structure to make the volume work well and the delicate but sharp booties and necklace ground it. Particularly love it with the clutch that picks up both the gold fur/metal and the white sweater.

#6 the blue is just an outstanding color on you and a great top/bottom match. I like the jeans bottom hems/ankle opening a lot, especially with such a minimalist outfit. Again the white coat and goldish clutch work perfectly.

Outfit #5 is also really good, especially with the plaid coat.

My goodness thank you ladies! I really appreciate all the lovely comments and very insightful thoughts on the outfits, and especially enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on the hair. I'm surprised to hear that most of you find the cut girly when I am feeling it's so the opposite! Will have to mull on that a bit. Also interesting that #4 (the very slouchy outfit) was such a hit; I don't feel that it's necessarily moving my style forward but it does still feel "me" enough so I'll continue experimenting with how to keep hectic volume in line with my current style goals.

Una, how fun that you also have similar olive tencel pants! I love the fabric for our cooler summer days, and even on hotter days when coverage is needed. I've posted a couple outfits with them which you can check in the Find. They look really good paired with a sharper jacket and boots.

Runcarla, I like the idea of "considered slouch". Many of my slouchier pieces need to stay in rotation for the foreseeable future and I think I'll be able to make them work better if I keep that idea in mind. Thanks!

Chirico, as strange as it sounds, light and white footwear is my favorite to wear! Definitely worth a try

Brooklyn, hah! What do you call "bangs" in Australia? I can see you rocking the ink/gray/brown combo (you can throw in some extra cream and taupe for me!).

Rachy, YES. Right. What does it say? That's part of my issue with it, I'm not totally sure. I get a Country-Hipster-Rocker vibe from it which doesn't quiiiite jive with my style. Rocker, fine, but it's not the right kind -- I usually go for glam or punk (as you know). It works remarkably well with boho-leaning outfits... and feels very off with glam ones which is my major concern. What do you get from it?

Diane, I don't think the bangs themselves are necessarily not feminine -- quite the opposite actually! You look lovely in yours by the way I've tried the knit vest over several of my blouses and for some reason this is the only one I like with it.

Beth Ann, boho takes a much bigger style role for me in warmer weather but it seems to be creeping into my cooler weather wardrobe more and more. Good thought re whether the hair feels limiting or expanding. Right now I feel limited BUT I am still adjusting and also in the middle of a style change so everything is in a bit of flux!

Karie and Sarah, the car trip was from Seattle to Arizona, then straight east to Santa Barbara and up the coast back to home. I'm hoping to post about it this weekend, I had a terrific little travel capsule that covered a ridiculous range of activities! We are hoping to make it back to AZ for Spring training later this month though we'll be flying this time ^^ (And Karie, I hope the coat works for you!)

Krish, thanks for the thoughts on fitted tops. I'm sure part of my discomfort with wearing fitted tops comes from finding tops overall difficult to fit! Definitely tougher than slouchy tops as you said. Will have to keep possible alterations in mind as I shop.

Ginger, love "Retro Lady Adventurer" as a weekend style persona! Going to add it to the list ^^

Jaimie, the cut overall does feel rather trendy doesn't it? Not sure if it's just too cool for me. Are you wearing your CEs ankle length? Are you planning to hem to kick crops?

Jenn, your Pinterest board is full of fun hair options for you! I think that type of shag would work really well with your style. Plus the bangs are probably easier to deal with than the curly type The outfit in #8 also feels dark but less so but, as you said, it's actually darker than #5. So good question as to why. I think it's specifically the monochrome gray/black, though that outfit has plenty of texture and lightness to keep me feeling happy.

Angie, thank youuu <3

You are adorable as ever. I love the new bangs on you! And the outfits are so fun to see and to pore over the details as usual. My favorites here are 5 retro-pretty take on the jogging pants trend, and next-to-last (forget the number, and now I'm on the second page and can't see it) with the fun pattern-mixing!

Thanks Sharan! I keep trying to wear those sweats with non-pumps footwear and it never feels right (exception: my cream ruched heeled booties; must be a dainty heel thing). So I think I'll just go with it and designate them spring/fall pants. Too bad it's cooling down this week

Aida, we call bangs a fringe. And as we know from Angie, fringe is trendy. So your hair is bang on trend. He he!

Fun We say that sometimes too, though it's more of a slang or colloquial sort of thing. (Totally appreciate the puns, too ^^)

You look good in every outfit. I guess Angie's suggestion to try something out of your comfort zone worked.