Such a visual treat - your photo layouts. I like everything I see here, and have yet to see you dress unflatteringly (is that a word?) despite mixing up prints and layering things the way you do. It takes a good eye, and you sure have it.

The shorts outfit is fantastic, because I am obsessed with those cognac boots. I wouldn't wear any of those pieces, but I can still be obsessed with them, can't I? And my favourite is the tonal red /BR cowl outfit. Again, I am equally obsessed with those boots. You're the bomb.

p.s. I'd have a heart attack looking at your closet with all of the different looks, lengths, colours, prints , textures etc. I don't know how you do it. Again with the bomb thing

Hello Aida,
My favorite is the red/pink combo! Yikes, its just crazy vibrant, I love it.

Thank you Lisa! I feel you on being really into pieces, even if it's something I wouldn't necessarily wear. Part of what's fun about the forum: I can happily live vicariously through others' styles that aren't part of my own. Hah about the closet -- some days it gives me a little bit of apoplexy too I didn't always have quite as much hem/length variation, so recently I reorganized my closet by hem length (previously by color) which has been a big help. Still there are certainly days where I go through several iterations before settling on something good.

Thanks Smittie, I can always get behind "crazy vibrant" ^^

Lovely looks indeed.

I peeked on my phone yesterday but didn't have a chance to look properly until now.

More love for days 2,4 and 5 in particular...white out is fabulous, I love the vest and hat, and the last one took my breath away. So vibrant and happy - I can see why you felt tremendous.

OMG I am hyperventilating here! Love them all, and no. 4 is my super fave! And I love that you show us your outerwear! So fun!!! LOVE!!!

I adore that sweater vest (if I had a different body, I would have gotten it myself!), and you rock that whole look. Well, you rock all of these. I know what Lisa is saying -- I couldn't pull off what you do, but somehow, on you, the vibrant color mixing and complex layering just looks so right. Your hair is getting long too -- looks good!

Thank you Sally, Mary, and Janet!

Mary, gotta show the outerwear -- most people outside my family see just that part!

Janet, it is interesting isn't it! There are so many great looks and pieces (some of yours included!) that I would certainly feel off wearing, even though I admire them on the wearer. And of course some pieces seem to work on many bodies, even if they have a different feel depending on who's wearing.

Aida, you are killing me with THAT HAT! You look both pretty and cool in it.
I also admired your outerwear collection (I want that cream trench and burgundy mixed media coat!)
As for feeling different about the first 2 outfits - maybe going very light and tonal does not pack enough punch for a grey Seattle winter? In any case the jeans in #1 are summer jeans to me (unlike the white jeans I wear year round these light blue ones are packed away until the spring - I think this is the thin jeans fabric which makes them summer item to me).

Another great collection of outfits! I love the white-out one - I just can't do white-out (I always feel contrived and uncomfortable) so I'll enjoy it vicariously on you. I also love the hat outfit.

Thank you Sveta and Sara!

Sveta, thanks for sharing your thoughts on those first outfits. I can definitely see why the GAP jeans are spring/summer jeans for you; your winters are waaaay colder than mine! After a lot of pondering, I think the issue with the first outfit is twofold: the sweater is just tooooo oversized -- at least two sizes too large -- and the straight hem adding even more blockiness. I am debating getting it altered to a diagonal hem, which is the way I enjoy wearing it most (I usually tape up one corner), and seeing if I can also get the sides taken in a bit. The issue with the second outfit was the jeans: they are at least a size too large, but as they are my only white jeans right now I cannot give them up until I replace them. Nearly all of any issues with outfits these days are those of tailoring: I want more of it, but the bulk of my wardrobe is currently very oversized or simply too large. I've started working towards updating, primarily essentials so far. It will be slow to solve due to a tighter than ever budget, but I am going to try and be strict with myself about doing it!