Thanks for the visual. Love it!

This looks as good as it did in the Express dressing room in Seattle! I am selfishly claiming a credit for this look becuase when I saw (and tried on ) these trousers 2 days earlier I could not get the image of them with your window pane sweater out of my head and HAD to pull you guys into Express so you you could try them on. The fact that you had that sweater on that day was a happy coincidence I guess?
It is so brilliant that you were able to track down the Long in them. I was not so lucky but I got my trousers back yesterday, lengthened and tapered and ready to see some action too!

Thanks so much, Sveta. And yes, absolutely! It's thanks to your encouragement that I tried on these trousers in the first place, and then Angie and you both exclaimed that they looked super fun with my window pane sweater (I agreed, of course, and then started stalking the trousers in Tall online:-)

You rock the tapered version of these trousers, Sveta, and the extra bonus is that you can wear them in rainy and snowy weather too;-)

Fab pants and they look stunning on you Inge!!!

There you are and your Matchy-matchy looks spectacular with the booties and clutch. Cheering both windowpanes, Inge.

Thanks for sharing. A fun outfit and fun experience! Love the hair too!

This is SO perfect. I was hoping for a pic. How tall are you again, Inge? You can really pull off the short over long look!

It looks great. You inspired an Angie blog wow!

Oh, boy, do you look stunning, Inge! I love that windowpane matching, even though I can't see it in the pants--I'm imagining it from the product photo. The short over long top look and pointy toes are super fun, elegant and flattering on you.

How fun! I could picture the outfit in my head, but this is of course so much better FUN mix, you know I wholeheartedly approve of mixing All The Checks ^^

So gorgeous! Thanks for posting the pic Inge.

You look incredible! I love the outfit, but your fantastic new hair stole the show for me!

Wow Inge you are looking fab; I love this on you I'll have one of each please.

Thanx Inge! I was trully missing a pictie of the bespoken outfit itself, and wondered if you will be kind enough to let us see it! K2K, for sure+and thanx again for the visuals!:-)

Thanks so much, Vicki, merwoman, Marie, Style Fan, Jeanie and Kiwigal.
Una, I'm a little over 5'9". I really love this look, but have to pay attention to the proportions: sometimes the cropped tops are too short on me, and then the proportions can look off.
Elle - I know, I'm still blushing about that:-)
Sharan - Thanks so much. The pairing of the two patterns really is super fun irl.
LOL Aida - and yes, I had a feeling you would approve whole-heartedly;-)
Jen W - Thank you! You just made my day!
Caro - *chuckle*, one of each coming right up!
Lyn - My pleasure!-)

Thanks for sharing, Inge. It looks even better than I expected (and I expected good things) from Angie's post. New proportions and patterns all in one package!

I'm sure you have inspired many of us to look for these trousers, they are in short supply! It's a great look, and I can imagine that the clutch takes it to new heights of fabness. Wonderful!

Super smart casual outfit!